A Massive Thank You

Many of you who have seen our blog may have come across our supporters page and the amazing businesses and people who have supported us for our trip. An extra big thank you goes to Mr and Mrs Rubery, Pru and Rupert at English Salvage, Nigel at Foris Gate Automation Services, Tim and Stacey at … More A Massive Thank You

The Perfect Day

Now this post is purely designed to make those who wish they were on this trip extremely jealous; and those who think the idea of cycle touring sounds awful, pick up a bike and cycle down the road to the pub at the very least. You may be surprised and soon find yourselves cycling way, … More The Perfect Day

Wise thoughts…?

I thought it might be nice to share an insight into some of our conversations each day. With 8 hours on the bike, you might imagine that wise thoughts would flow and brilliant ideas flourish. I’d like to present an alternative concept: that all the untouched corners of the mind are delved into and the … More Wise thoughts…?

A welcome change

It’s been a little while since we have posted, so hopefully this will fill you all in on what you have missed out on in the past few days! The arrival to Germany on Monday was well received by us all as we were happy to see the back of Denmark and the weather it … More A welcome change

Goodbye Sweden

1526 miles down and we have conquered Norway, Finland and Sweden. Whether it is the fact that the headwinds have abated, the sun has started shining or that we are getting fitter but the miles have been coming and going much easier over the last couple of days. With an average of 15.3 mph over … More Goodbye Sweden