Behind It All

The Idea

The idea for this trip can solely be blamed on a conversation over social media between the four of us that got way out of hand. The only reason we aren’t cycling our bikes backwards across the Atlantic is due to the conversation coming to an abrupt end as each of us dropped our phones and began eagerly writing a kit list. So off we went with the idea of cycling the length of Europe, in the hope that it might be a good laugh and a great experience. It was quite the surprise when we later googled exactly how far it was.

So who are we then?

Sam Prestwich – Age: 19, Hairstyle: unregulated. Currently on his gap year, Sam managed to bundle New Zealand and South East Asia into one holiday at the start of 2017 before returning home, back to the harsh reality of studying hard before going to University to study Mechanical Engineering. Sam’s role is route planning as he has an uncanny knack of knowing where he’s going, even if he’s never been there before. He is also the one who assures us it’s all downhill.

James Prestwich – Age: 18, Favourite rock: Peridotite (a green one). James has a strong love for Geology. He has decided that said favourite rock will be joining him on the entire journey. Whether we are interested or not, the rest of us will be learning about all the geology of Europe along the way. The same man also decided that 350 hours in the saddle would be the perfect celebration of the end of his educational years… Sometimes weird is good, he says.

Tom Pryor – Aged: 20, Special Skill: Scrutinising his kit to only the bare necessities and a little less. Tom decided that travelling around the world sounded rather fun and joined Sam on his two and a half month jolly. He does have some uses and as a trained mechanic he will be fixing our bikes as we cycle down Europe, although he said if our bikes are not in pristine condition he won’t let them board the plane.

Alec Bain – Age: 20, Accent: Devonshire and strong. After using a days suspension from school to build a log store at home, it came as no surprise to see Alec become a Carpenter. Working in the trade and having also trained as a Royal Marine, serving as a Reserve, Alec is pretty hardcore. We will be looking to him when we need a hug, or, if the only thing to eat is a nearby bear.