Let’s call it normal life

IMG_0193IMG_0145IMG_0173After 6 weeks of adventure, cycling and many many food stops we have reached the end and are now attempting to adjust back to normal life – which turns out, hasn’t been as easy as we thought it would be.
Now for Sam and I, almost the biggest challenge of the last six weeks was actually getting home. For me it was made even more difficult by leaving my front axle in Tarifa and with no spare, it wasn’t as easy as just cycling home. Due to two working parents we were seemingly stranded down on the Devonshire coast. (There are worse places to be stranded).
The day we got back to the UK, excitement was high so we went straight to the coast and jumped off some big rocks into the sea, then climbed back on our mountain bikes and hit some dirt jumps. The feeling of riding weirdly big tyres and funny shaped bars was very strange.
The tiredness then hit us, so we went home and ate out first ‘proper’ meal for a long time: a lovely pasta bake cooked by Michelle. Ahh blissful to sit at a table and eat with these weird tools called a knife and fork. (I know we hadn’t heard of them either!)
Sam and I managed to get a lift to Bristol before catching the train to Gloucester, Tom had kindly given me his bike to cycle the remaining 25miles home. Although a much smaller mileage than we were used to, it was made more difficult by the addition of trying to remember to ride on the left- a task we felt shouldn’t be so hard.
We also found we struggled with these things called miles, I don’t know if you’re familiar with them but all I can say is they are a lot longer than km. Oh and what on earth is a yard?!
We arrived home excited but tired, we scrutinised the changes made around the house and gave them our approval, but soon we weren’t sure what we usually do with a day at home and spent the rest of it faffing!
The whole week has seemed to have gone quickly with only 10 off road miles to show for (again very weird). We now feel more adjusted back to normal life and Tom is back to work so respect to him for getting back into it, I’m still trying to recover!

The last week has been great to speak to everyone and tell them our stories as well as seeing our families who have supported us massively – so a BIG thank you to them for everything.


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