A Massive Thank You

IMG_9540IMG_9281IMG_9678IMG_9718IMG_9747Many of you who have seen our blog may have come across our supporters page and the amazing businesses and people who have supported us for our trip.

An extra big thank you goes to Mr and Mrs Rubery, Pru and Rupert at English Salvage, Nigel at Foris Gate Automation Services, Tim and Stacey at the Site Doctor and the Pain Trust for all for helping us survive and eat properly throughout the trip. Every packet of cereal we ate straight from the bag outside a supermarket went down very well indeed!

Another huge thank you must be given to Paligap, Marin and Knobblies bike shop for helping us out with Tom and my bikes. Thanks for the mighty steeds that have gotten us down an entire continent, even if they do now need a full rebuild and some new parts.

The Firepot meals by Outdoor food were so useful and tasted amazing. Our favourite was the mushroom risotto and helped us survive the surprising 4 degrees in Norway on our first few nights. Check them out they really do taste great, a true step above our enthusiastic effort at pasta bolognese.

Our bodies, particularly our nether regions would be in an awful state if it wasn’t due to Charlie the Bikemongers brilliant bum butter. Probably best if I leave it there right? Thank you very much, a vital bit of kit to have onboard.

We would also like to mention some of the kit that we used and have been extremely pleased with. DD hammocks for their incredibly lightweight tarps and hammocks, so comfortable we all debated selling our beds when we get home… Thank you Alpkit for your seriously sturdy and reliable gear that has stood up to a real battering and carried some absurd amounts of pasta.

We also have to say a big thank you to all the people we have met on the ride especially Scottish Steven in Sweden, Helena and their family and Ronya and Rowan, both of whom took us in for a night in Sweden when we were cold, wet and probably smelt awful! And too a lovely lady in Germany who after seeing us cooking outside a church bought us coffee after coffee, cheese on toast and a big bottle of coke which fuelled us nicely.

Of course we need to say thank you to our families and girlfriends for their continued support throughout the whole thing. Lastly thanks to all you guys for reading the blog and keeping in touch, it means a lot and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did. Don’t leave yet though, there will be more posts to come!

Probably said it too many times now but in typical British fashion, in the same way we now know ‘sorry’ in many languages, it’s a final big thank you to all of you. It has been fantastic to have all the support!



English Salvage – http://www.englishsalvage.co.uk
The Site Doctor – http://thesitedoctor.co.uk
The Pain Trust – https://www.pain-trust.org.uk
Paligap – https://www.paligap.cc
Knobblies Bike Shop – https://www.knobbliesbikes.co.uk
Outdoor Food – https://www.outdoorfood.com
Charlie the Bikemonger – http://www.charliethebikemonger.com
Alpkit – https://www.alpkit.com
DD Hammocks – http://www.ddhammocks.com


One thought on “A Massive Thank You

  1. Hi guys, I have just been in and had a bit of evening reading on your blog, and noticed we were included in this, honoured to be frank.. As i have said before, you are all welcome to come for a holiday with free accommodation anytime, summer or winter.. Oh I have an idea for a new blog for you…. It’s all UPHILL from here.! Should you wish to repeat the trip and finish in Norway 😂😉 Merry Christmas guys..!

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