The Perfect Day

IMG_9891IMG_9902IMG_9916IMG_9928IMG_9929IMG_9953Now this post is purely designed to make those who wish they were on this trip extremely jealous; and those who think the idea of cycle touring sounds awful, pick up a bike and cycle down the road to the pub at the very least. You may be surprised and soon find yourselves cycling way, way further!

Anyhow, back to today. Now maybe it wasn’t the perfect morning, rain all night forced us to put our tarps up to stop the water dripping through the corrugated iron roof which was getting us wet. Somehow in Spain the temperature went down to 12 degrees so we started the day in coats and gloves!

Don’t worry the day only went uphill from there. As did we! The morning consisted of some great climbs and the best downhill of the trip so far. We passed sleepy villages with old men sat outside on their chairs, bull fighting amphitheatres and miles of rugged, mountainous Spain. It was truly beautiful.

We climbed up to 1058 metres and from there it was all downhill. And it sure was a good one! Mile upon mile of elevation we dropped as the sun set and the corn fields glowed in the evening light.
I write this as we cook a big pot of pasta, listening to some tunes and watching the sunset continue over the hills.

We managed 133 miles, our biggest day so far, leaving us with 310 miles to do in three days. We are all sad it’s coming to an end but stoked to get home.

Now I’m not one for descriptive writing but I hope you feel a least a little jealous.
To rub salt in the wound, I’ll leave a couple of photos here.


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