It’s hot…. It Might Be Too Hot

DCIM100GOPROG0566077.We have reached our three thousandth mile of the trip and it’s mighty hot.

We are currently sat in a McDonald’s in the South of France, around 60 miles from Spain, eating a mcflurry and trying too cool down.

We have spent the last few days jumping in every fountain, lake, river, sea…. Basically any body of water we have seen. We have been in it.

We were quite happily sat in a fountain yesterday in Montpellier when the local tourist land train drove past. We were sat waving at about 50 tourists from a fountain they were taking photos of. Very amusing.

It’s getting up to about 38 degrees during the day and we have now started out Siesta routine which seems to be going pretty well. Ride from about 0600 to about 1300, chill, eat, swim and sleep till around 1630 then ride again till 2100. We’ve been getting some decent miles in the morning which is nice as we get a Long break and are only faced with the prospect of around 30 after lunch.

Apart from the heat. The campsites in France have stepped up a bit. We have now only restricted ourselves to sites near water. Last night for example we slept on a beach which allowed us to watch a pretty awesome sunset, definitely the best one yet. The night before we slept next to a river in our hammocks. Nothing beats the sound of waves as you fall asleep in the morning.

On another note the French traffic is pretty awful around the cities. We were riding through a traffic jam earlier today past a camper van with all the windows open listening to Green Day. They were driving at a manageable speed so all four of us were signing as we rode along next to them, little things to keep the spirits up as it’s gets warmer and the exhaustion takes hold.

The tan line competition has also stepped up in recent days. I have to say the my left leg is currently in the lead for the most defined of tan lines. Could be one of the greatest of all time. I am very careful each morning to adjust my bike shorts to the exact level!

It’s been a great trip so far despite the adverse weather we seem to of been greeted with.  I think it’s fair to say we are all very much looking forward to getting home!



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