A welcome change

IMG_6067.JPGIMG_6065IMG_6069It’s been a little while since we have posted, so hopefully this will fill you all in on what you have missed out on in the past few days!
The arrival to Germany on Monday was well received by us all as we were happy to see the back of Denmark and the weather it produced. Germany marks the introduction into the euro-zone where we can use euros and don’t have to do such difficult mathematical equations to work out what we have spent, which helps with knowing how much food we can eat. The weather has also improved a little bit, which helps with morale and generally makes day to day life a little easier. However, we were all a little p’d off to hear that Tromso, in Northern Norway is now 20*c sun, whereas we experienced the opposite and had 5*c with rain, not even 3 weeks after being there. I’m sure it’s not hard to believe we are looking forward to some warmth which is due arrive in the coming week.

Germany has been very kind and Sam managed to get us all showers from a leisure centre using his rusty but good enough GCSE German. It did help suppress the terrible stench even if it was for just a day! We have also been treated to a breakfast cooked by a friendly local who happened to see us eating porridge next to a church we had slept by. She must have seen our faces after eating porridge for 26 days and decided to bring us a a much needed treat of many cups of coffee, wafer biscuits, boiled egg, cheese on toast and even a bottle of coke. The majority of people here in Germany have been very kind and generally interested in what 4 very tired looking teens are doing on bikes.
A little off topic but equally as interesting in my opinion is that I witnessed my first red squirrel two days ago whilst tucking into our mid morning snack, which was more exciting than I thought it would be.

All in all, Germany has treated us well and I’m excited to return again soon, but on we go to France which helps motivation as the finish line edges ever closer! Oh and the updated Scores on the board are:
Tom: 25
Alec: 45
Sam: 41
James: 57

Yup, I’m not doing well…


2 thoughts on “A welcome change

  1. Great to hear things are going well – especially the improvement in your weather now.
    We just did the Pivot 24 hour team race this weekend where it poured with rain for most of the event. Despite that, we had a fabulous time and even got on the podium again. Happy days! Keep turning those pedals…

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