Goodbye Sweden

IMG_9407IMG_9420IMG_94581526 miles down and we have conquered Norway, Finland and Sweden.
Whether it is the fact that the headwinds have abated, the sun has started shining or that we are getting fitter but the miles have been coming and going much easier over the last couple of days. With an average of 15.3 mph over 90 miles today and 15 mph over 110 yesterday – we are speeding along and we are loving it! We cycled past the largest lake in Sweden, Lake Vanerna today after having a cheeky skinny dip in it last night.
Like in my last post, we have been lucky enough to stay with more amazing people. 7 nights ago we were sat outside a pizzeria stuffing our faces, when an Australian chap called Rowan got chatting to us and before long, he and his girlfriend, Ronja offered us a roof for the night, topped off with a G & T and even breakfast. As cycle tourers themselves they know how nice a warm dry bed can be!
Other than Hammocks in trees and locals front rooms we have slept in some pretty cool/interesting/strange places. These have included:
A closed down Asylum, a grave yard, the edge of a mine and some changing rooms for a Swedish lake where a friendly drunk guy interrupted us at 1 in the morning.
Lunch times so far mainly consist of going to the local supermarket, ‘ICA’ is our favourite so far and stuffing ourselves with half a French stick, ham and cream cheese, at least two Danish pastries each, a banana, chocolate milk, yoghurt and a few squares of chocolate. Sometimes this occurs twice a day and then we have dinner.
Sweden has been awesome, with beautiful lakes, brilliant roads and some amazing places to sleep but the endless trees can be quite tiring so after 18 days in Norway, Finland and Sweden, we are excited to be moving on to our last Scandinavian country: Denmark.


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