Fun and Games at the Roadside

IMG_1539.JPGSo we are 14 days in and as you can imagine we’ve had numerous mechnaical issues. This has so far been a great opportunity to invent ways to keep ourselves entertained at the road side.

The first game to be invented is the ‘What car is it?’ game which is as simple as it sounds. We basically stand in a line (with exception for the person who is fixing their bike) and try and identify both the make and model of cars from as far as possible. A great opportunity to play this game was stood in a ditch at the side of a dual carriageway in Norway whilst James fixed his second puncture of the day. This game is pretty easy in Sweden as pretty much every car is a Volvo. I have to say that game was great until we discovered our next game….

The second game invented, which is my personal favourite, is the ‘Can you hit that?’ game which again is as simple as it sounds. A target is identified, anything within a 10 to 30m radius and the idea is to throw stones and see who can get the most confirmed hits. The best opportunity to play this game so far was when Mr Thomas Pryor was emptying his stomach of the tubed caviar a few days ago. We had at least an hour of playing this particular game which was great as we managed to get a large number of hits each. Well three of us did!

As well as the above two games we’ve also created a few cycling games. One of these is our downhill freewheeling championships. As the title suggests, hit a downhill and try to get as aero as possible and get to the previously arranged finish line as quick as possible without cranking. This was a great game until I ended up being boxed in and having to perform a pretty wild tyre touch with Tom and very nearly stacked it at about 40mph. We called an end to the game after that and haven’t played it since. We might bring it back when we’re a little closer to Tarifa when injury/broken bike isn’t as much as an issue.

Our last game involves strava. If you have been keeping up to date with my strava activity we have been choosing some pretty random names for each of our rides. We have decided to choose a Hot Fuzz quote to name our ride each day. So today we chose ‘Narp’ as it was a very very very very very wet and miserable day and none of us were really feeling it.

So that’s it. Our games have been declared and we manage to play them most days!

The last few days have been pretty good, we have managed to get some good miles done and we are continuing to battle a strong headwind. I think out of the 1000 or so miles we have done so far we have probably had a tailwind for about 15 of them…..

We’re currently setting up camp in outdoor changing room thing in a place called Skog in Sweden and throughly looking forward to moving onto Denmark and hopefully leaving the wind and rain behind. Just managed a breif skinny dip in the lake and managed to remove most of the dirt from our bodies although we all still smell horrendous.


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