The Great Game

IMG_9218I thought I’d leave it until the end of our trip to write a synopsis on our mechanical failures and our bodge jobs to fix them. However, I’ve been informed that perhaps ‘The Great Game’ ought to be explained and a weekly update posted.
Without further ado, The Great Game involves a points system revolving around mechanical failures occurring to each cyclist. In our case, not too many so far but hold thy breath for we still have 2600 miles to go. Goodness me.
The idea of the game is that by the end of the ride, the individual with the most points in total is officially (and this will be enforced) obligated to pay for the finish line beers. (The Great Game is a concept borrowed from Tom Bruce and his world ride titled ‘Every Inch of the Way’).
Anyway, we have made the unanimous decision that a puncture is worth 5 points, of which 3 members of our party have had 2, with only Alec defying the deflated life.
On the smaller scale of things, minor inconveniences such as dropping a chain are worth 0.5 points. On the other end of the spectrum are things like snapping a chain which inflicts an 8 point penalty.
At this point The Great Game is quite close, with James and Sam leading (or losing) with 14 and 13 points respectively. However, there isn’t much room for error with only a puncture needed to bump you up to first place.
As of 15th July, the scores lie at..
James – 14
Sam – 13
Tom – 10
Alec – 8
I will keep you all updated in regards to the scores and some details about the breakages if anymore occur. Oh, alright ‘when’ they occur…

P.S. The last few days have been fantastic, one of the other lads will put up a post up tomorrow.


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