Are we getting anywhere?

I think we might just be getting somewhere. Two countries down and 300 miles into Sweden, its going well! We have left the artic circle and the snow on the hills and heading for the warmth down south.

The views have been amazing throughout northern Scandinavia and we have been treated to an apparently rare glimpse of Elk and lots of Reindeer, including a couple of stubborn ones that we have to basically chase of the road.

We have however been struggling with the endless pine trees, lack of villages and unchanging landscape, all of which hasn’t affected James’ enthusiasm as he has been off-roading a few times to spice things up.

Cycle touring is a funny one, when you are on mile 80, with 20 to go all you want is to tuck yourself into your sleeping bag and go to sleep. And when you are asleep, with Mozzies feasting on your blood, riding your bike can’t come fast enough. To escape the bloodthirsty blighters we have found a few fancy places to sleep.
Other than the church we also found a gondola station/cafe. Ready to sleep under the veranda in 5 degrees, Alec tried the door thinking of course this won’t be open but ‘by Jove’, it was! It didn’t take long for our stuff to be thrown all over the cafe and for us to bask in the 20 degree warmth.
After a few beautiful nights next to rivers and lakes, last night we rolled into Boden absolutely knackered. Food being the biggest priority, we filled our basket and as Jim was searching for the porridge, Stephen, a Scottish guy who worked there walked past and pointed James in the right direction. You couldn’t make this up. After chatting to Stephen we explained what we were doing and that we were looking for a place to sleep, he kindly offered up his veranda so it wasn’t long before we were sat in his kitchen stuffing ourselves full of pasta. So a big thanks to Stephen, Helena, his wife, and the kids for having us. Luckily we were offered a shower so didn’t smell too bad. After a great nights sleep, helped along by a few glasses of whiskey, we left and headed to the bike shop to grab some bits. (Tom will cover mechanical and the great game that comes with it in a later post).
Despite leaving the shop at 11.15 we have managed to get in 90 miles: our daily target and we’re feeling good about the next few days.



9 thoughts on “Are we getting anywhere?

  1. You know where we live guys, anytime your in the neighborhood, you have free holiday accommodation, was a pleasure to help you out,the kids loved you guys and I am blown away by your journey, will leave a donation on payday.. Stay safe, watch out for bears, and wolf’s in the south.. If you need a place in Gothenburg, we can guide you to Helena’s sister if she’s there.. 😀

  2. Sounds like it’s moving along nicely; making good progress down the map. Hope you can maintain the high standard of accomodation you’ve now got used to 🙂
    Loving the blog, keep it up.

    1. Cheers Dave! Yeah it’s coming along nicely now. Almost half way down Scandinavia which is a mixture of feeling pleased to be a quarter of the way down but also realising this has only been a quarter of the ride! Ha, we have been quite fortunate so far. Hoping the mosquito’s die down soon.
      Will keep the blog updated!

  3. Well done guys, so pleased you have managed to find nice sheltered places to stay from lovely, kind people. Great to follow you (and I have finally joined Instagram to see more pics!) My dad is pretty sure that the flat in San Pedro, Marbella, Spain is free when you are down there, so you can stay there for a few days – will keep you posted!
    Keep smiling, and make the most of this fantastic adventure!
    Love from Sophie’s mum (Alec’s girlfriends mum)

    1. Hi Inge,

      Thanks very much for that, having a great time, weather is treating us quite well !

      Thanks for the option of the flat, we will see how long we have when we get down that way!

      Love Alec

    1. Hi Paul, Ally and Alex. Thanks very much, we’re having an awesome time and loving it. Hope you are all well.

  4. I gave you guys a plug on the fat tyre adventure page today. Perhaps you will some more followers. How are your bottoms, and how are the bikes holding up?

    1. Awesome cheers Chris! We hope so too, thanks for doing that. Yep bottoms holding up well, stock saddle working a treat! Bikes are doing really well. Very comfortable and drivetrain setup is spot on, so worth all the faff! Only had a bent hanger (due to airline) and a few punctures so far. Will put up a blog about mechanicals soon. Cheers, Tom

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