Getting up to speed

After a fairly harsh but eye-opening introduction to Norway for the first four days of our trip, the rain finally abated and the sun shone down on us today. For the first time, much later than planned, we got a 100 mile day under our belts, which felt great.

Today was a good test of everybody’s endurance and fitness coming in to this trip. As the trip goes on we will all get fitter together but it is always at the beginning that everyone is tested most. I think it’s fair to say we all were put through our paces and passed through the 100 mile mark with a whoop; albeit a slightly tired one. More of a subdued ‘yeah..’ but we’ll count it.

At nearly 8 hours in the saddle, it’s a long time to be pedalling and I was intrigued by the other chaps’ techniques for riding the distance.
James was very inventive with his hand positions on the bars so as not to get numb fingers. He had his wrists sort of inverted on the shifters… If it’s silly but it works, it ain’t silly!
Sam seemed pretty happy to spin his legs at about 50 rpm in his highest gear pretty much all day. Some leg muscles!
Alec meanwhile seems to be full throttle constantly, almost always at the front holding the wind or miles ahead. I thought he’d tire in the afternoon but no, all cyclinders firing he just went and went and went until he threw his hands in the air at 100 miles. Nutter!

It is interesting how different people manage the distance and will be even more so with several hundreds in a row! Will let you all know how we’re getting on with a few more hundreds ticked off.



2 thoughts on “Getting up to speed

  1. Great to hear you’re all going on so strong and the weather is being kinder to you now.
    Keep up the good work and hold the line…

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