A British Summer

Assuming many of you haven’t been to Norway, you maybe unaware of a few things up here; first of all the views are amazing but second it’s very cold, at the moment we are battling cold wind and rain with snow on the hills, think January in the U.K.
We have been told the current temperature of 7*c is not the usual for July here, although that’s no consolation. Luckily we are travelling south and with each pedal we know it ‘should’ warm up.

To overcome this yesterday we stopped at most cafes to have a hot drink or just use their warmth. We arrived in Lakselv mid afternoon and decided it was best to try and find an overnight spot there. After an hour or so refuelling in a conveniently placed Spar, we went to find a place to rest and warm up! We came across a church and knowing they can be a refuge in the UK, we hedged our bets and found a door that opened!
The heat was glorious and for the rest of the evening we set about drying our kit.
The vicar arrived said we were welcome, so we settled down for a warm dry night.
Here’s to more warm nights and better weather so we can camp, it is meant to warm up over the coming days so we look forward to that.

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