And Away They Go

We are here ! Currently sat having lunch in a Hotel Restraunt somewhere south of the Nordkapp!


After a pretty long journey we arrived with all 4 bikes and all our gear ! One bent mech hanger which we’ve managed to patch up until we get to a decent bike shop!

It took us a few hours at the airport to get everything assembled before we headed to the nearest petrol station to fill up fuel containers and a chocolate bar before heading up the Nordkapp.

It was a pretty tough ride up there, only just over 20 miles with nearly three thousand feet of climbing which is pretty unheard of! Took around 2.5 hours to get up there so it was pretty slow going.

Once we arrived at the Nordkapp it was time for a quick bite to eat at the cafe and then we headed off. Obligatory video of us beginning the ride had to be done!

The ride back to Honningsvag was awesome, the descents were incredible, 3km downhills are new to me and I loved every second of it. We were back in no time and it was then time to find something to eat.

Whilst outside the shop we got chatting to one of the locals who was really interested in what we were doing and pointed us in the direction of some hard cover to spend the night. 2km down the road we found the place he was talking about. About 60m above the town looking over the harbour was a small timber shelter. We even managed to rig up our hammocks inside!

We accidentally had a bit of a lie in the morning. We said aim to be up by 0700….. Didn’t surface until just after 0930! Porridge for breakfast, repack the bikes and off again. First major challenge of the day was the two tunnels we had to go through.

We had literally just stopped to find some bike lights when a Dutch bloke on a road bike with a support vehicle turned up and told us to tag along with him and the support wagon was to follow. We tagged along with him for about 15 miles through both major tunnels. It really helped because there were some big old vehicles over taking us and it would of been pretty scary if we were on our own! We met the support vehicle at the end of the last tunnel for a photo and they kindly supplied us with some flapjack and a energy gu. Best of luck to him riding to Holland in 17 days, very impressive.

Were about halfway through the day now. Just found a hotel and waiting for our omelettes and chips to arrive before hitting the next 30 miles to Oldesfjord where we’re planning on staying tonight.

All going well so far, it’s cold but we’re all fine, it just makes you pedal harder.




4 thoughts on “And Away They Go

  1. Hello as I’m not very computer literate (a bit old) I hope this gets somewhere!!! Well done Lads, I’m watching you eagerly, especially Tom, my cousin’s son. Enjoy every moment, good and bad, cos one day you will have to get jobs (how boring!) sending you strength and fun and don’t forget the sun lotion. Lol from LIZ Long

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thank you very much. Nice to hear you are enjoying our blog updates! We are trying to blog most days.
      No need for sun cream at the moment as with rain all day and temperatures at 6 degrees but still spirits are high and it’s certainly proving to be the challenge we hoped it would be! Hopefully getting a lot warmer in the coming days. Hope you are well! Many thanks, Tom and the 3 other equally wet boys in Norway.

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