Made it to Norway!


Half the journey down! We are currently camping in Oslo airport – sleeping bags and roll mats out, we are sorted for the night.

Today started early, for most of us anyway as we still had a significant amount to sort despite thinking we were organised for once.

So we checked our kit and packed our bags for the last time, added some padding under our bar tape for extra comfort and proceeded to pack our bikes in to some boxes. One hour later and the help of Hannah, Helen and Nige we were finally there… or so we thought. James piped up, ‘Has everyone let there tires down and got their passport?’
I hastily removed the parcel tape, unpacked the box, retrieved my passport and let down the tires. Phew!

The rest of the day went much more smoothly despite one of two boarding passes ending up in the bin… A cheeky meal deal and a coffee for Alec later, we were sorted. All chilled out for the 2 hour flight to Oslo, landing at 22:20 local time.

We leave Olso at 8 am tomorrow, change in Tromso and after a refuel for our little 40 seater plane in Hammerfest, we land in Honningsvag at 11.43, 22 miles from the most northern point in Europe.



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