Final Checks

So that is it. We’ve packed. Been for a quick test ride. Bikes are all packaged up. Think we’re good to go! Just a quick post from the last full day in Devon!

Photo 01-07-2017, 13 27 08

Tom and I had a pretty manic morning trying to buy some last bits before the Sam and James came down this afternoon. We went to boots this morning and bought loads of little things like toothpaste, sun-cream and deep heat. Tom needed a few bits for his bike like a smaller chain ring and some spare brake pads.

We went back to his and swapped over his stock tyres for some brand new Gatorskins, only the best! Changed the chain ring so he has a slightly lower set up than Sam’s one and that was it. We whizzed back over to mine to check each others kit off. Laid it all out on the patio and made sure we weren’t carrying duplicates of things, before we went back over to Tom’s to meet the others.

Another couple hours was spent in the garage putting some cushioning under our bar tape and making some very final adjustments before we donned our riding stuff and headed out with 2 dad’s and one sister for a quick 10 miler!

Bloody good thing we did as well because halfway round James’s front shifter fell to bits! So it was a dash down to the local  bike shop to pick up a new one and that was it, the day was done.

I am headed over to Tom’s first thing tomorrow morning ready for a lift up to Heathrow and then were off. The last couple of months have absolutely flown by I cannot believe it! Were all absolutely buzzing to get going now, Europe… Prepare yourself!


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