Are your legs ready?

As Alec explained in his previous post, preparation for this trip has been fairly taxing, purely for the reason of fitting it in on top of normal life which, in the lead up to summer is always hectic when the weather’s nice and the days long.

Aside from getting kit sorted, refining the perfect bike setup and researching over and over, a suitable route for over three thousand miles, that still excludes the rather large task of actually being fit enough to ride the distance. Finding the time becomes even more of a challenge when just to emulate a single days ride in Europe, requires 6-8 hours out of your weekend. You begin to see why this is a tough requisite for what we hoped might resemble a holiday of sorts!

Fortunately, we are all keen mountain bikers and so we do ride regularly, fast and hard for fun off-road. Albeit not for anything like the distance, it still makes for intense leg workouts and valuable time in the saddle. All of us have ridden long distances before, occasionally consecutively over multiple day journeys. We are confident in ourselves to be able to ride the distance, our only concern is how long will it take before we get into the swing of things. And how soon we will stop enjoying porridge for breakfast…

I managed to find the time this weekend to put in a good ride and whilst it wasn’t the right distance, it did include a large amount of climbing which hurt the legs a splendid amount and allowed me to refine my bike setup for the final time.

A massive thank you goes out to Knobblies Bike Shop and Paligap Distribution who helped me out with the perfect bike for the job. It climbed superbly and I am very excited to spend thousands of miles aboard such a valiant steed.

Training rides behind us with just a week to go, the real thing is finally upon us. New parts fitted and legs feeling good… ish. Norway, we’re coming for you. Not by storm though, probably more like ‘by drizzle’ to begin with.


Edited bike ride square


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