The Juggle – 10 Days to Go

Hammock Out
Enjoying the Sunset on Woodbury 18-06-17


It is now only ten days to go, we are nearly there.

All the final kit preparations are done, Tom’s managed to get us some funding from a Adventure Trust based in the South West which has really helped out with our food budget and perhaps a night in a warm bed!

Tom and I spent a night up on Woodbury Common the other night. It was a good taster for how we’re going to manage with sleeping in our Hammocks for 6 weeks. We got eaten alive by little midges up there which certainly wasn’t planned.

I have got next Friday booked off work in order to finalize all my bits and pieces and gives me a day to play with my setup and get any last minute items.

I am just going to take 5 minutes to talk about the difficulty of juggling everything in the build up to a trip like this.

I’m not too sure if its written in my profile but I am currently halfway through Royal Marines Reservist Training in addition to working full time. So at the moment I am experiencing some difficulty trying to fit everything in.

My daily routine currently consists of Gym from 0600-0730 every morning (as a reservist has to train in their own time), followed by a full days work on site. I am normally home just after 1700 in the evening, quick dinner and then it’s either out on the bike/run/RMR/football. I think it is fair to say I am really lacking on free time.

Every other weekend is a training weekend with the Reserves which involves very little sleep, load carrying, running, getting wet and with that comes getting cold too. I normally get home mid afternoon on Sunday, service all my kit and then I have an evening off before doing it all again.

Weekends off are normally spent with my girlfriend.

It’s pretty full on. I do feel a bit guilty about leaving her for 6 weeks but we have managed for the last two years so we will be fine. Will be nice to have the rest of the summer together when we get back!

In many ways I’m looking forward to this trip to have some time off mentally. Physically it will be hard, but I will only have to think about the next hundred miles each day which will be nice.

Just checking in, more blog posts to follow in the next few days.


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