71 Days to Go

IMG_1060.JPGI recently bought myself a new stove for the trip. I’m not going to lie, it was very expensive, costing me £175.00 even with a Military discount. But, it is a Primus Omnilite Ti: a liquid fuel stove which runs on basically anything flammable you can get your hands on. I ran it on petrol last weekend and it worked a treat! It’s a little fiddly to get going as the fuel pressure needs to be at a certain level, but once it’s primed and lit it can boil a litre of water in under 5 minutes which is pretty rapid, even by gas standards. I am very confident that a couple of these bad boys will get us through and the keep the flow of warm drinks high.

Check out the link for a bit more info on the technical side of things: http://www.primus.eu/omnilite-ti-fuelbottle

Only a brief post I know, but it’s about time we got some blogs uploaded!


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